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ID: BN-0468
PRODUCT: Tit 4 Tat, Part 2: Payback's A Bitch

At eighteen years of age, Myah has really matured into the spitting image of her late mother. With the looks, the confidence, and a king pin for a boyfriend, Myah appears to be on top of the world. But the fact remains; there is still no closure to her mother's unsolved murder dSee More
Feeling that her plan for revenge will help bring justice to a case that's long been forgotten, Myah secretly tries to persuade the one person she believes is responsible, to think that she is deeply in love with him. Now that she has his trust, Myah has to act fast before he realizes just who she really is. Knowing that Henry is not one to be played with, if he learns that she isn't who she lead him to believe she is, he could turn the tables back around on her. Myah is now forced to make a decision, the question is, will that decision cost her, her life. With the challenge of keeping this secret, not only from her best friend, but her boyfriend as well. Myah is trapped between a rock and a hard place when she learns just how dangerous revenge truly can be. dClose
PRICE: $9.99

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