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ID: BN-0466
PRODUCT: Out 4 Self

Simone Harris, hands down, is one of the coldest chicks the Murder Mitten has ever produced. This Detroit born and raised female is living the “All American Dream”. dSee More
Pushing a Lexus, a new fur every winter, housing a wardrobe that would shut down most fashion shows and of course, smoking on the best weed the East Coast had to offer all being sponsored courtesy of Lil T’s father… both of them! Things were gravy until ole girl did the math! Playing both ends against the middle is never ever a good idea especially in ‘THA D’. Even if your so called game is wrapped tight as hell, remember every bitch has an off day and trust, Simone is no different! Deception, danger and ultimately death all come calling when a backstabbing trick is truly… OUT 4 SELF. dClose
PRICE: $9.99

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