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ID: BN-0446
PRODUCT: Fool's Eye

At age 19, Linda discovers that she and her stunning green eyes are not cut out for the working world. But, a New York City girl still needs cash. To get it, Linda dons her old Catholic school-girl uniform to fleece Times Square tourists for their travel money. Linda's scams really begins when she stumbles upon a smooth-talking character named Malik who offers the green-eyed grifter the opportunity of a lifetime. Malik is a part of a mob of con-artists. dSee More
Together, Malik and the con mob help hone Linda's skill to help them commit the biggest con the crew has ever pulled. Their target? A billionaire's gambling addicted son and the boy's trust fund. But in Linda's first real con, this trust fund baby may not be the only mark. Things go bad pretty fast. Linda soon forgets her role in the con and begins to fight for her survival. Fool's Eye is full of twists and turns, tricks and cons that will leave you questioning reality...and believing the con dClose
PRICE: $9.99

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